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Newsletter #267, Sunday, 23 st March, 2003

  • The Laureates of the Dan David Award 2003
  • Symposium at the Galil Center for the medical informatics and telemedicine.
  • The Denial of the Holocaust collides with the Constitution

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  • The alarm level might be reducen in Israel
  • News from Kol Israel
  • The Ambassador of Romania salutes the propsal of Avraham Poraz related to the Romanian workers
  • The Ambassador of Austria visits Haifa
  • Actress Tora Vasilescu about the show-play "Kiss me, Dibuk!"
  • Commemoration at the Coral Temple

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  • The Laureates of the Dan David Award 2003

    The Committee of the awarding of the Dan David Prize for the "Dimension of the Time - Past, Present and Future announced the names of the laureates of the 2003 edition.
    The winner for "The Dimension of Time" award is Michel Brunet, professor in the palentology of the vertebrates at the Poitiers University in France. Last year, the professor discovered a complete skull of a new hominid called Toumai, considered the ancestor of the human race. The discovery was the result of the decades of studies on the territory of Ciad. Brunet also discovered the first exemplar of the australopithecin in Rift Valley area in 1995.
    The prize of the Dimension of the PresentTime, the printed and the electronic media, is shared by the photo-journalist James Nachtwey and the film producer Frederick Wiseman. Nachtwey - a citizen of the New York city, who dedicated his activity to the documentation for the apocalyptic events of our times, recording with his camera war scenes, starvation images and critical social issues, "created images which can not be easy overlooked and impossible to ignore" as it is mentioned in the argumentation layout of the jury.
    Wiseman produced 32 documentary movies including the juridic system, education, the medical care, science, art, and military aspects, entertainment and sport. He founded a new system of seeing and understanding ourselves, a perspective which can generate "the re-examination of the social and political orientations". The laureate of the third edition of the prize "The Dimension of the Time" for the cosmology and astronomy section - is John Bahcall, specialist in solar physics, a pioneer starting 1964 in the "neutrino" astrophysics development.
    The prizes - one million dollars for each section - are to be offered on 18 th of May 2003 at the Tel Aviv University. The awards, reminds the newspaper "Haaretz", have the name of the international contractor, Dan David, who developed the system of the auto-photography cabins, and they are granted from a 100 million found administrated by the University from Tel Aviv. An equivalent amount with ten percent/rate of the value of the prizes is reserved/held for the subvention of the studies of the young researchers. After the announcement of the laureates, Dan David stated that the awards which have his name represent a reward for those who help understanding of what we were in the past, how to live better in the present and for those who are favoring the cognition and our dreams of making the future better.
    Dan David - born in Romania - is an Israelite citizen and lives in Italy.
    The Dan David Foundation announced that it accepts proposals for the awards from 2004. When the astro-physician John Bahcall was informed that he is the laureate of the Dan David award and that he was to receive the amount of 900.000 dollars, the professor at the "Institute for Advanced Study" form Princeton, United States, decided to celebrate this event by sharing with his wife, also a science -person a portion of yoghurt. "We have nothing against the champagne, but this is all we have in the refrigerator", explained the the savant from the local publication Star Ledger.

  • Symposium at the Galil Center for the medical informatics and telemedicine.

    At 30 of March took place the Symposium "The medical computerized registries" event organized under the patronage of the Galil Centre for the medical informatics and telemedicine and of the Medicine University from Haifa.
    At the opening session, which will take place at the Medicine University , room Baruh Rappaport, the attendants will be saluted by the Dr. Itzhak Berlionovici on the behalf of the Health Ministry, prof. Itzak Apeloig - the president of the Technion and Uzia Galil Institute - the promoter of the Galil Medical Center.
    At the Symposium the following themes will be discussed: The computerized medical file from Israel - The Babel Tower?", " The Integration Vision", " Standards and national politics", The computerized medical integrative registry - national mission"

  • The Denial of the Holocaust collides with the Constitution

    Extract from the daily newspaper "Ziua" appearance from Friday 21 st of March:
    The Emergency Ordinance "which refers to the prohibition of the fascist, racist or xenophobe organizations or symbols and to the promotion of the cult of persons who are guilty of crimes against peace and humanity" entered under the attention of the Senators yesterday". The normative act which started/provoked controversies a year ago, when it was discussed by the Juridic Commission of the Senate, has several stipulations which do not meet the consensus/accord of the Senators. The most disputed article is the one through the public denial of the Holocaust or its effects is punished from six months to five years of prison.
    This stipulation was attacked by the PRM Senator, Gheorghe Buzatu, who stated that through this endorsement the Constitution is violated by the non-observance of the freedom of ideas. " It is contradictory towards the International Declaration of the Human Rights which stipulates that each person has the liberty of opinions and expression." At the same time it is also violated a recommendation of the Parliamentary Gathering of the European Council related to the teaching of the history discipline in which it is established that each person has the right to know his past and has the right to reject it" reasoned Buzatu. He pointed out that the Ordinance regards only towards the "Brown Holocaust made by the Nazi and which did not exist in Romania" and ignores the "Red Holocaust" which existed on Romanian territory. At his turn, the PNL senator, Radu F. Alexandru appreciated, that this normative act is "the first significant step" for the recognition of the national history. Present at the debates, the Culture Minister, Razvan Theodorescu, affirmed that on the territory of Romania did not exist the Holocaust, however, by the Antonescu government, Romania took part at at the Holocaust from other areas such as Transnistria. He showed that the emission of this Ordinance was not made by the reasons of opportunity, but because Romania was the only country from the Vilinius group which did not have a settlement of this type.
    The debates upon each article will be resumed on the frames of a future session; in the report of the Juridical Commission are numerous admitted amendments, and through them is the denial of the Holocaust, but also numerous rejected amendments.
    The title of the article which appeared in the daily newspaper "Ziua" is : "The Denial of the Holocaust collides the Constitution"

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