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How can I contribute materials to this page?

This web page does not accept contributions other than made by their own authors or if the correspondent who sends them obtained by his/her own means the copyright.

In order to make a contribution with materials (texts, images, miscellaneous information specific to the page), please use the address A person designated with receiving these messages will try to confirm as soon as possible the correspondence that you sent. 

How can I support the web page/the project with a donation ?

“Romania’s Jewish Heritage” project is not yet prepared to accept actual donations. This will only be possible as soon as the non-profit status will be achieved by the foundation with the same name.

You may promise a future donation and we will get in touch with you, or you may perform a voluntary activity, making a donation of your time, in support of the project or of the future foundation.

In this case, we will open a communication channel with you. In donation-related problems, please use the e-mail address