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The Federation for the Jewish Communities from Romania – deeply concerned about the phenomenon of the reappearance of the Legionary Movement – a real threat to the Romanian democracy.

Pretending to be non-political organizations, and just cultural, today’s legionary circles prevent their scrutiny by the rules applied to political parties. It is a subterfuge, which, until now, granted them the expected results.

The legionary groups organize (beyond the front look of the clubs and lecture houses) in nests, and authorized sources acknowledge that more organizations than tose officially registered are active.

Such organizations have publications, two printing houses which published almost all their pre-war works, written by the leaders of the Legionary Movement.

Recently they recorded, in an audio studio in Timisoara, the tape “Songs of The Iron Guard”.

The actual Legionary Movement organizes for its adherents and sympathizers memorial reunions (like the one of June 1999, celebrating the centenary of Corneliu Zelea Codereanu and another in November 1999, celebrating 61 years from the murder of the same Corneliu Zelea Codreanu), held in Bucharest and Iasi.

They are also planning summer camps and marches.

In a Romanian Information Service report on 1998-1999, there is specified that these organizations follow “the awaiting of the reestablishment of a structure at a national scale”, just like “The Iron Guard”, in the perspective of “acceding on a higher political scale”, adding that “now there are more than 12 foundations and associations constituted by the supporters of the Legionary Movement out of which many openly admire political crime and violence.

Proceeding with such large propaganda campaigns, including publicity, today’s Legionary Movement, succeeded in gaining more supporters among the young scholars and students, turned into members of the nests mentioned above.

An organization deeply undemocratic, totalitarian, xenophobic, anti-Semite and with a criminal political background, the Legionary Movement is today a real threat to the Romanian democracy.

Like pointed by an article (A Fascism Reborn in Romania) in “Le Monde”, the attempt of organizing memorial and anniversary reunions for the N.S.D.A.P. in Germany or in another democratic state, would only cause great counter-demonstrations and legal actions for prohibition.

All these legionary tendencies are very serious, dangerous political acts.

Therefore, we dare to draw the attention to the authorities to adopt more efficient measures against the reorganization of the old interwar legionary movement, based on provisions of the Penal Code article 317 and the Romanian Constitution, chapter III, article 30, referring to the interdiction of the development of nationalist-chauvinistic activities, incitement to national and ethnic hatred.

These measures must be adopted as long as it is not too late, not in the interest of our Jewish Community but, in the interest of protecting the Romanian democracy and its good image in the world.

Black, Green, Brown Shirts Salute, Again, With the Opened Arm

In Germany, after the failure in the elections for the European Parliament, The Right Extremist Party “Republikaner”, led by an old Nazi, Franz Schonhuber, disappeared from the political stage. The other Right Extremist Parties from Europe do not claim themselves to be the heires of the fascist ideology. Some even defend themselves from being anti-Semite.

They are just against the “Jewish people who led in their country” or in the entire world. An old fascist slogan… Now they earn their electors counting on the nationalistic and xenophobic campaigns, pointed, mainly, against the immigration from underdeveloped countries.

Interethnic conflicts can facilitate the advantage of the extreme right in federal countries like Belgium. There, the Flemish Party “Vlaams Book” went so far as to grant every woman, who gave birth to “a true valon”, a thousand dollars.

But in Belgium the Valon Party is practically rejected by all the Democratic Parties, refusing every offer for an alliance with them. In the quiet, rich and prosperous Switzerland, the leader of the Right Extreme is a billionaire: Christoph Blocher.

His party came first as number of votes, counting on a xenophobic campaign towards the immigrants. Blocher claims that he is not an anti-Semite, but instead he sent a letter of congratulation to an author denying the Shoah and who was convicted to 15 years in prison for racial discrimination.

The letter has been published by the Swiss Press. “I did not even read the book”- claimed Blocher, marking, in this way, his solidarity with the principles of those people still in denial. In Italy, Umberto Bossi, the leader of The North League, disposes to his own paramilitary army – 3000 men dressed… in green shirts.

He organizes parades and ceremonies in the medieval style, after the model of the gothic Nazi festivals. He does not claim to be an anti-Semite, but just to embrace xenophobia. The same xenophobic model helped Jean Marie Le Pen and Bruno Megret gain their electors in France. But, in France, their electors decreased from 16% in 1998 to 10% in 2000) AUSTRIA: The Austrian Liberty Party (F.O.P. at the elections from 1999, 29.9% of the votes) BELGIUM: “Vlaams Blook” (in 1999, 10.1%) DENMARK: The Danish People Party (P.P.D.- in 1998, 7%); The Progressive Party (in 1998, 9.8%) ITALY: The North League (in 1996, 10.1%) NORWAY: The Progressive Party (F.R.P.- in 1997, 15.3%) SWISS: The Center Democratic Union (U.D.C..- in 1999, 23%)

Reading the Daily Press

After the public release of the letter from the F.C.E.R. in which there was a demand to the state authorities to take legal actions against the reorganization of the Legionary Movement in Romania, the newspaper “National”, of April 26, 2000 published a half of page dedicated to the rebirth and restoration of the Legionary Movement, quoting, at the same time, the report of the Romanian Information Service addressed to the Parliament, which mentions the danger of the revival of the fascism in Romania.

The report mentions that 24 organizations, many of them clandestine, are expecting financial and moral support from abroad, and the radicalism of the extremists increases, day by day.

The newspaper underlines that, although the Romanian Information Service warned the State authorities a long time ago, regarding the danger of the increase of right extremism, nothing has been done to take legal measures to fight the phenomenon, although the development of the fascist manifestations is of nature to deteriorate our image in the eyes of the public opinion and of the political class of the European Union.

In the Friday, 28th of April 2000 issue, in the newspaper “Today”(Azi), Mr. Ion Cristoiu publishes a one page editorial in which he resumes the millenary, Jewish guilt thesis about the killing of Christ. As it is known, this thesis fed for two millenniums the anti-Semitism in the entire Christian world.

We received a few phone call in our editorial office, and our readers expressed their astonishment about this reaffirmation of the oldest anti-Semite myth, adhered by the known journalist.

Two decades ago, an Israelite lawyer (today, the President of the High Court of Cassation), received the task to study the process and the sentencing of Jesus Christ from the point of view of the laws and customs of 2000 years ago.

After 20 years of study he published a paper in which he proves what was already known: it was not the Jews the ones who convicted and killed Jesus Christ, but the Romans themselves. Mr. Ion Cristoiu does not agree.

The Jews did kill Jesus Christ! he concludes. However, through the authoritative voice of Pope John Paul the Second, the Catholic Church recognized the falsity of this anti-Semite millenary accusation and disclosed it.

Qualified in every field, Mr. Ion Cristoiu is with this occasion more qualified than the Pope. And the Pope is not an antisemite person.

In the paper “Adevarul” of April 24, 2000 a retired colonel from Iasi, Mr. Constantin Bucos wrote, on behalf of a few local veterans: “We express our surprise and indignation towards the injustice made by the Iasi City Council for hindering the laying of the bust of Marshal Ion Antonescu near the other two Marshals, Constantin Prezan and Al. Averescu”.

Mr. Colonel Bucos, can not forget the “historic merits” of the Marshal, who sent to death in Odessa thousands of Jews by his personal order, and led the Romanian Army to the great victories, ending in its destroying and surrender, as well as Romania’s occupation by the Soviets.

But, at the same time, we received a letter from Colonel(r) Vasile Amariucai, from Bucharest, in which he notes that on the Negruzzi Street in the Capital there is the headquarters of the Legion “Michael The Archangel” The Iron Guard, a location of the Association “The Christian Legion”, as well as a documentation library, with the legionary flag anchored to the building.

Mr. Colonel V. Amariucai mentions that this represents a real violation of the national laws and that he informed the District Council, which treated the problem with indifference.

Mr. Colonel, exactly to this problem the letter of F.C.E.R. was referring to: the indifference of the authorities.


France – 16 of July – Memorial Day

France’s National Assembly adopted in unanimity a law through which it declares the day of June 16 a “Memorial Day of the Anti-Semite Persecutions Committed by the State of France “. On the 16th of July 1942, there took place a famous raid and the gathering at the winter Velodrom of thousands of Jews who were deported to the extermination camps.

On this occasion, homage will be made to “the right ones”, who opposed these persecutions in France. In Romania, we have nothing to remember???

Switzerland – the conviction of a non believer

After 1946, Gaston Armand Amadruz, never hidden his fascist sympathies, supporting in this way different actions of the European Right Extreme. He always denied the existence of the Nazi extermination camps, and that the Nazis used the gas chambers. In 1995, in the Swiss Penal Code an article was introduced that punishes the racial discrimination.

Recently, based on this article, G.A. Amadruz was convicted to a year in prison and to the payment of some moral damage to every Swiss and French association which protects the deported Jews’ memory. We also have an article of law. Do we wait to adhere to Europe to apply it, or after we apply it shall we adhere to Europe?


(According to the statistics, millions of Jews lived in Europe in 1937. Today there are only 1,627,000…)

In the printing house “Calmann Levi” (France) was published a book written by Bernard Wasserstein, called: Jews in Europe after 1945. A Diaspora on the road of disappearance. We can agree with the author or we can have our own doubts. But, Wasserstein operates with interesting figures. According to the statistics, in Europe in 1937 there lived 10 millions of Jews. Today, there are only 1,627,000 left. Because of ageing and emigration to Israel, in 10 years there will be only a million. (Actually, from the 3.9 million of the Holocaust survivors, in 1944, there must be subtracted the ones who emigrated in Israel, so far, to explain the sudden decrease of the Jews from Europe). After the fall of the virtual wall that surrounded them from the inside in the Soviet Union , a quarter of this country’s Jews emigrated. The biggest Jewish Community of Europe is now in France, where there are two thirds of the European Jews.

As B. Wasserstein writes, once the Zionism dream of realizing an Israelite State was achieved, once the the catholic rhethoric changed to a pro-semite attitude, once the Governments and the populations achieved a pro-Semite perspective after the Shoah, a segment of the Jewish population will interfere with the European population in the wide area to which they contributed with culture and civilization.

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